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Suramade IV

Update in Clinical Pathology
Toward Globalization Era

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    Kami selalu berperan aktif melakukan penelitian di bidang Patologi Klinik

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    Kami berkomitmen memberikan pelayanan Laboratorium Patologi Klinik yang terbaik

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    Surabaya memiliki pusat-pusat pendidikan Patologi Klinik yang berkualitas



Bahan Keilmiahan Terbaru

  • Case Report; MC : Vomiting

    MC : Vomiting HI : patient suffer from nausea and vomiting since 1 week before admittance, ± 3-4x/day, as much one glass, consist of water and meal. epigastric pain (+), loss of appetite (+), body weakness (+). Fever (+) since 2 days before admittance. Micturation and bowel habit were normal. HPI : HT (+) since

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  • Case Report; MC: Gum Bleeding

    MC : gum bleeding HI : patient complained of gum bleeding since a few hours before hospitalization accompanied by sore throat sufferers, difficult to eat, red spots on the skin. Patient also complained of cough for three days along with body felt feverish and weak. HPI : suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia and routine control

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  • Case Report; MC : Abdominal Enlargement

    MC : abdominal enlargement HI (his mother): He has been suffering from abdominal enlargement since 4 months ago. In the beginning of the disease his mother felt a mass in the abdomen and then his abdomen is getting bigger and he had abnormality in his stool (small size). Nausea +, vomiting +, fever – ,

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  • Care Report; MC: Body Weakness

    HI : She had been suffering from body weakness since 1 week before admittance. She also complain cough since 1 month ago. She had nausea and vomitting. She also complained bleeding on her gum when she brushed her teeth. HPI : HT +

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  • Case Report; MC: Headache

    HI : He has been suffering from headache since 2 months ago and getting worse since 3 days before admittance. He also had syncope 2 times, 3 days before admittance, there were dark brown stool , micturition was normal . He also complained of joint pain and fatigue. • HPI : – Hospitalized in RSUD

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